What we do for Advertisers

We care for your pain points

We understand that with today's complex advertising technology the major pain point for advertisers is to achieve higher return on their investment.

We attend to your campaign goals

We focus on User Interaction and Conversion Rates for your advertising campaign goals.

Our platform

We help you connect with publishers across verticals.
A variety of unique users across demographics, geographic regions and platforms provides the best reach and scale towards a curated inventory mix.

Our unique solution

Our Pre-Bid Interest Based inventory targeting solution is one of a kind in the market. It helps us ensure wise utilization of your advertising dollars.

We don't believe in Minimum Budget Commitments

We do not restrict advertisers to any minimum budget commitments. So you can start running your campaigns today.

Our Yield Strategy

We are proud of our strong record in attribution strategy

Creating the right Attribution Strategy is essential for optimizing your Media Plans and Campaigns.

Our goal is to allow media buyers target the perfect audience.

You can benefit from our huge Inventory Pool thanks to our trusted publisher relationships.

Demand Strategy
  1. Premium curated inventory

  2. Audience targeting

  3. Re-targeting and re-marketing campaigns

  4. Contextual targeting - Content based

  5. All platforms and devices

  6. All ad-formats

Auction Engine

We identify and reserve premium inventory

  1. We identify and connect you to the most suitable sites from our massive Inventory Pool.
  2. We believe in fostering brand interactions with users of similar interests.

We support all major buy models


Inventory Insights
  1. Predictive algorithms for purchasing the right inventory and audiences

  2. Know your target sites and audiences beforehand for optimized results

  3. High value data insights for smarter media planning to boost campaign ROI

Business Analytics and Reporting

We provide in-depth analytics and reports useful for making business decisions. We will help you with:

  1. Opportunity Insights

  2. Site vertical analysis reports

  3. Domain and placement level insights