What we do for Publishers

We care about your goals

In today's AdTech eco system, Publishers seek better yield optimization strategies for their inventory.
We provide cross-platforms (desktop, mobile and tablets) and cross-ad format (banner, rich media and video) inventory management tailored to your goals.

We provide monetization and optimization strategies

Our intelligent algorithms deliver to serve your monetization and optimization strategies by using important publisher parameters relevant to the audience, content and context.

Our platform

We help publishers to maximize revenue through our Smart Selection System, which identifies the best buyer from a pool of Premium Advertisers.

We care about your brand

Protecting your brand is our priority. We strictly adhere to creative guidelines and IAB standards.

Our Yield Strategy

We devise cross-platforms and cross ad-format Yield Optimization Strategies for your inventories focused on your monetization goals.

We offer a comprehensive demand stack with a high performance assurance.

Our decision platform helps achieve maximum revenue for your inventory using crucial publisher parameters.

We offer solutions across retargeting, brand advertising and performance advertising.

Demand Strategy

We Connect You with Direct Brand Advertisers

  1. We work with direct advertisers to bring you high value brand campaigns.

We Integrate Technology Demand Partners

  1. Our technology allows platform agnostic "Real Time Bidding" on your inventory from across geographical regions. We strictly follow IAB guidelines

We Relate with Agencies

  1. Our partnered agencies provide a variety of advertisers across verticals, creating an optimal demand mix for you.

Our Network Consortiums

  1. We partner with Networks and Exchanges to provide deep demand to help monetize your every ad-placement.
Auction Engine

We Unleash the Power of Machine Learning Algorithms

Our Machine Learning Algorithms detect bidding trends from demand partners across categories. This enables us to give top priority to the highest paying demand partners.

Stellar Media's auction engine runs parallel queries to decide the demand partner which brings the highest value for an ad impression based on relevant attributes such as Audience Profiles, Demography, Location, Devices, and many more.

Insights are based on our unique monetization algorithms and your business rules.

We prioritize brand safety.

Inventory Insights

Inventory-Demand Matrix

  1. Packaging solution for web-content selling

Benchmarking Insights

  1. We prepare strong action oriented plans to manage, monitor and monetize your inventory by leveraging our smart benchmarking analytics.

Site and category analysis

  1. We provide a comprehensive web content and site category analysis that links the most profitable advertisers.

Lost opportunity reports

  1. We help you realize your maximum revenue potential through insights such as Floor management, Whitelisting and Blacklisting.
Asset Management

We help you in creating rich content, maintaining brand standards and ensuring higher user engagement.

  • We bring a wide array of buyers as well as manage your existing buyer relationships.
  • We ensure each demand partner adheres to creative guidelines.
  • We provide operational excellence through our experienced Account Management and Technical teams who specialize in Ad-tech products and services.

Stellar Media offers technology solutions to help publishers achieve their advertising business goals.